Obsolete Components

Mondo is the distributor in Australia and New Zealand for Force Technologies (FTL), a UK-based manufacturer specialising in the production of EOL components using the original wafer and die, sourced from the original manufacturer.

For companies confronted by the challenge of obsolescence management, this option of producing new stock from the original wafer/die can be a significantly less expensive and/or more convenient alternative to complete electronic re-design. Parts are manufactured to the original specifications or can be enhanced with innovative additions to their functionality, according to your specific requirements. Components are also tested to specified tolerances, demanding strict quality and accuracy. Purpose-built facilities mean components are made right and tested right – every time!

Services available include:

  • Manufacturing from extensive die and wafer stocks, in compliance with the Original Manufacturer’s design specifications
  • Up-screening by testing commercial or industrial grade components, to mil-spec standards
  • Temperature testing from -55°C to +200°C
  • Design of Custom Packages
  • Long-term storage of non-ROHS components and silicon die, in purpose-built nitrogen cabinets, in multiple locations throughout the UK, for up to 20 years.